Why Master Fiber Labs?

“To understand the practice of weaving and its role in the thriving textile industry, we need to follow the threads of this ancient art all the way back to prehistory … ” Sam Stephens

Fiber With A Cause will be a one-week workshop on July 29 – August 1 , 2021 with a long-term goal of a two-week workshop in Summer 2022, and a two-year immersive training program for fiber artists in 2023. Fiber With A Cause facilitates fiber arts labs that offer artists the ability to expand their fiber techniques with affordable classes.  All of our Master Teachers have over 15 – 20 years of experience in their craft and run fulltime fiber art businesses. Our focus will be on crochet, knitting, and weaving. Students will complete custom wearable products in each lab.  At the end of the fiber labs, FWAC can showcase and market the students’ wearable works in a market and online.  

Fiber With A Cause will be a four day workshop on July 29-August 1, 2022 with a long-term goal of a two-week workshop in Summer 2023, and a two-year immersive School of Craft training program for fiber artists in 2025.

OUR MISSION is to advance and expand the fiber arts practice, skill, heritage, and education by building a sustainable and scalable fiber arts craft economy of women entrepreneurs in the DC Metropolitan area. OUR IMPACT.  FWAC labs, partners, and community collaborate to teach women fiber artists how to design products that produce a profit.  FWAC equips these artists with the knowledge, resources, and skills necessary to permanently transitions a passion into a business.

2022 Workshop details:
● Ten weavers will attend the workshop 10 am-5 pm daily for free.
● LAB and LECTURE: Fiber to Yarn, Dyeing, and Textile and Fiber Design and History of African American Weavers
● DMV weavers who have a minimum of three years of experience with weaving and desire to expand their skill and the tradition of weaving – participants and those who are considered underserved and unserviced.

All of the yarn is being donated by New Community Artspace DC  – a 21-year community-based artspace in DC. Fiber With A Cause 2021 Indigo Garden ws funded in part by Diverse City Fund Grant.

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