About Fiber With A Cause

As Founder of Fiber With A Cause, in 2016, Karen’s vision was to build a global collective of fiber artisans and crafters. Its mission is to support and uplift the voices, work, and create financial resilience for fiber artisans. In 2021 Fiber With A Cause planted, harvested and processed organic Indigo in partnership with Dreaming Out Loud at the Kelly Miller Farm in DC to pay homage enslaved African Americans. captured and forced to grow Indigo on the plantations in the Carolinas. This initiative will continue in 2022 with DOL while expanding in partnership with Juniper Garden in MD. 

Fiber With A Cause intersects between craft, commerce, and the future of work for textile and fiber. Fiber With A Cause programming is creating equity, integration, and access for urban manufacturing and production. We change the view of the crafts of weaving, knitting, and crochet as a luxury or even eco-luxury item. The artistry is in the workshops, classes, and creation of textiles using traditional techniques from different geographic cultures underrepresented in textile and fiber design. From here, we develop a creative economy that reclaims forgotten or repressed styles and histories. We pledge to get both ownership and authorship to creators who were often innovators in science, keepers of history, and designers of ancient techniques.


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