How Important is Natural Dye in Yarn?

So I was happy to read the email from Feel Good Yarn, introducing their partnership with Botanical Colors. I interviewed Laurie about 1.5 years ago about her journey to using real Silver in her yarn. After testing another product, she was a distributor for, that was not authentic, she set out to find a solution to the problem. She studied silver, its properties and importance, which sent her to NC to find a someone who would help her put pure silver into cotton yarn. Hence, Feel Good Yarn was born – hear the story.

I was so excited to find out this company. It is the reason I started this blog, to explore more about fiber than just uncovering techniques and design. Now more about Botanical Colors.  Founder, Kathy Hattori is Master Dyer for Botanical Colors that uses plant and insect based dye. She has been dyeing textiles [fabric, yarn, apparel], along side teaching and supporting the art for 20+ years – sustainable and ethical fashion. So watch her video here – below; and if you are in Seattle take advantage of one of her studio workshops!




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