Healing powers of knitting and weaving – Fiber Arts News

Greeting everyone!

My weaving instructor sent this over this week. Lately, more articles are appearing about the healing that fiber art techniques offer, even though those of who are in the craft know this…but it’s always good to have the support. Happy reading!


Many of us knit, weave, crochet, or otherwise find time with fiber because it’s relaxing. It can be a break from many different stressors and a calming re-set in your day. It’s simply fun! Turns out, we’re not the only ones who have found this. It also turns out that the benefits go beyond personal health – they propagate across communities and beyond!

We first noticed a great article in the Indpendent that highlights recent finds related to knitting in research and by knitting enthusiasts. Then a bunch of papers picked up a literature review by the amazing British group Knit for Peace. The review highlights and collects research that what we’ve been noticing for a while, and thoroughly convinces us that knitting is scientifically proven to be good for your health! How so? To quote the review:

• Lowers blood pressure • Reduces depression and anxiety • Slows the onset of dementia • Is as relaxing as yoga • Distracts from chronic pain • Provides an opportunity for creativity (at a time of reducing capacity) • Increases sense of wellbeing • Reduces loneliness and isolation • Increases sense of usefulness and inclusion in society


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