Kibibi Ajanku’s Indigo Journey

Indigo dye has a history that spans many continents. When I learned about Baltimore Dye Initiative, I learned about artist and Master Dyer, Kibibi Ajanku. Her work is amazing! Yet, my interest in her work comes with uncovering the indigo dye production in America from West Africa. So if you are into the history and culture of dye, take the time to read about her journey.

Ajanku has struggled to discover material vestiges of indigo production in America. “You can find artifacts for cane but not for indigo,” she said. But “sometimes you have to jump across and jump back in order to come forward.” Though much of her research relies on the review of historical texts and journals about early American agriculture, Ajanku also uses an intuitive investigative approach that places experiential learning and oral traditions at the forefront of her research methodology. Her desire to learn from master indigo artisans has catalyzed extensive travels across the Carolinas and West Africa. BMore Art

Photography: Phylicia Ghee

To learn even more about Indigo visit the article The History of Indigo Dyeing and How It Changed the World

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