Submission Calls for Knit and Crochet

Radicle Threads Magazine is an independently published print and online magazine with a main focus on crafting, food, creative writing, essays, and arts.

Our goal is to create a space where Black Brown Indigenous and Melananted People’s (BBIMP) stories are told. We understand that the BBIMP community is not a monolith and want to share different experiences and voices.

Our first issue, Roots: Exploring Ancestry Through Art,  coming out in Fall 2021 will set the precedence for the kind of work we want to share in our publications and on all of our platforms.

We encourage you to submit your creative work to all of our issues as soon as they open. Take some time and visit our social media platform to understand our audience and style of publication. If you’re unsure of whether your art medium can be shared with our audience, you can submit your ideas to . You are encouraged to look at our editorial calendar theme on this page to see which fits best with your submission. 

All of our contributors are paid, rates vary depending on the type, length, art form, construction, and intricacy. 

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