Weaving History Conference

This is new to me but so glad Weaver House sent this along in their newsletter this week!

October 25-27, 2021

The 26th Annual Weaving History Conference is excited to invite you to this year’s virtual conference! We have a fabulous lineup of speakers in store, presenting on a wide range of fascinating topics, which you can take a look at in the list below. 

2021 Presentations [not exhaustive]

  • Lou Tate and The Little Loom House, Philis Alvic
  • Southern Counterpanes: Dimity, Honeycomb, Huck, Patricia Donald
  • The Fascinating Life of Mary Meigs Atwater, Karen Donde
  • Christian King and His Brothers: Weavers in the Southern Pennsylvania Coverlet Tradition, Pat Hilts
  • Doctoral Dissertation Research: Ethnography of Contemporary Weaving Practices in the United States: An Exploration of Social Aspects of Creativity, Women’s Activities, and Aging, Kaori Chen
  • The Abbot Worsted Company, Penny Lacroix
  • Deciphering the Textile Layer of Historic Paintings, Helena Loermans
  • Exploration of the Relationship of the Christian King’s Float Work Pattern Drafts with Other Manuscripts, Gay McGeary

Deadline to register: October 20

Weaver, 1884 by Vincent Van Gogh – https://www.vincentvangogh.org/weaver.jsp

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